Self-made and on the rise in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene, J VIta is an in-house, independent jack of all trades.

Originally from Maryland and formerly known by the stage name, Tokin, Vita has been through a complete transformation in life the past year. J chose to make a name change after breakout artist, Token, began to make his meteoric rise in the rap industry....for very obvious reasons. The name "J Vita" comes from his birth name, Jordan, and Vita means "Life" in Italian, which is a tribute to his Italian roots. The name very literally translates to "Life Flows Down" and is a reflection of Jordan's faith-centered attitude towards life, as he sees his source of life flowing down from God. The new name gave Jordan his own identity and an opportunity to completely rebrand himself with his music. 

Born and raised in Eldersburg, Jordan is a Maryland man through and through. Starting out in 2010 while a sophomore at college at Salisbury University, "Tokin" was born, and has evolved from a YouTube experiment to a full fledged hit-maker, producing, writing, recording, performing, and mixing all of his own music. He has honed his skills over the years, blending masterful lyricism and flow with real life substance and a desire to leave a positive mark on the world. Highlighted by monstrous drum lines, blended with unique and melodic leads, next-level lyricism and flow, and new-age sound and delivery, Jordan and his music stand for family, purpose, positivity, and the pursuit of your dreams.

Alongside his roommates and long time friends consisting of a graphic artist/photographer (@Tmarvenko), a chef (@MadeByBennyB), and a philanthropist/entrepreneur (@Mitchell_Gold / @i2BM), together they have created the Chayce Your Dreams movement, and focus on inspiring others to find their callings and go after their passions.

Having worked in Baltimore community schools as well as the studio as a part of an Anti-Bullying campaign, working closely with fellow budding artists MC Bravado, Jordan Szarko, and BJR, and sharing the stage with the likes of Dylan Owen, Da Kid Emm, Juice Bruns, Jett Bailey, MC Bravado, the Cypher Junkies, A-Class, and Tef Wesley, this 26 year old MC is heading straight for his prime, and is a name to know for the long haul.